Tuesday, 15 September 2020

WOYWW #589 Patterns, tools and cats

 Hi, here we are again having a peek at each other’s workspaces on a Wednesday, as hosted  by our Julia on The Stamping ground. Check it out and join in if you wish!

My workspace is a set of shelves next to my chair. 

As a couple of you have expressed an interest in the Persian Tiles crochet project, I  thought it might be interesting to see the tools I use for this.

Here's a photo of my latest tile. 

I'm going for subtle changes, tile to tile, so it may not look much different from last weeks!

I've also been making more mask adapters. Very easy and they save the irritation that the elastic behind your ears can cause. I make them in cotton, with plastic buttons so they can be washed at 60 deg.


There is a box which I love on the top right of my workshelves, for the occasions when I need to write a letter, it's my Arabian themed paper. I just love the patterns, though I have to put an address sticker on the envelopes.


Dino is still sniffling, but wriggled past me to go out tod
ay, so I guess he's feeling a bit better. Thea likes nothing better than nuzzling my ear - very ticklish!


Thea is always the first one to find a new sleeping space, and Dino has to try it out (typical manspreading πŸ˜„). Thea's not giving up so easily though, so I snapped them both together. 

One walk this week was up the hill above the village. It gets rural surprisingly quickly. This is the line of the old Elham valley railway, which closed in 1947. Before the war, it had been both a passenger railway and one for transporting sheep, which were brought to our village station. It would be nice to think of them sitting  in carriages with the passengers, but of course they weren't.

The area is still known for sheep farming, particularly on the Romney Marshes.
We buy soap from Romney Marsh wool. It's very pure and gentle, which is great for my skin - it get's very sensitive these days. I now wear a nurse's watch pinned on, when I need one, as I can't wear a wrist watch any more - it's funny as I get professional courtesy in hospitals.πŸ˜„ I must try Romney Marsh's wool as well.

A question for you all: What do you use to edit your blogs, please? I use the blogger editor, but it's really annoying and moves my photos around when I don't want it to.

This week is a round of more hospital visits - my better half has to go for a consultation to get his first cataract operation. I have others; my checkup date from the eye clinic is next Monday - fingers crossed that's it!

Have a good week, all. Many thanks for visiting and I really appreciate it if you get chance to leave a comment.
Hugs, Lynne xxx

Tuesday, 8 September 2020

WOYWW #588: Cats by the seaside

 Hi all, I hope you’re having a good week as we return to the Stamping ground for another “What’s on your Workdesk Wednesday” kindly hosted by our Julia.

Here’s my workspace, mainly yarn at present. I'm still working on my Persian tiles. with all the colour changes,  I have to tie the ends in as I go or I'd go mad if I had to do it all at the end.


I’ve spent much of this week cat nursing. Dino has a bad case of the sniffles. When his nose is blocked he won’t eat so I’ve been giving him water through a pipette which he really doesn’t like. He’s a bit better now. 

Thea has become quite possessive though we’re careful not to leave her out. This is a photo of her. She doesn't normally sleep so stretched out. I think she's saying, this is my lap!

It’s been a bit of scary week with visits to the hospital eye clinic. I had my second cataract fixed at the end of July. When I went to my checkup they said I had a retinal tear and rushed me off for laser surgery. Another checkup last week and I was scared of more laser surgery. No, they said I had to go for another checkup this week to see if I need cryogenic therapy instead. They then decided I needed more laser surgery, which they did yesterday - ouch! Fingers crossed 🀞🏻 that that’s enough. My better half got me soothing eyedrops from the chemist, which have helped. 

Saturday was a lovely day here, and we decided to have a seafront walk on the way to shopping. There were clouds across the Channel but it stayed fine here. The beach was very quiet, but there was a whole flock of seagulls - waiting for the day trippers to come back?

Anyway, have a good week, all. I'll try to visit more of your blogs this week. Hugs, Lynne

Wednesday, 2 September 2020

what's on your workdesk Wednesday #587 Retiring: crochet and cat nursing

Hi all, 
I hope it’s ok if I post on your wonderful WOYWW group again? I have now retired and have more time, and I miss you all! 
I hope you’ve kept as well as possible during the pandemic. I’m classed as extremely vulnerable, as some of you no doubt are, so have mainly stayed at home for the past 6 months.

I now have a workstation; but vertical rather than desk like. It’s a set of shelves next to my chair. My wool (apart from that stashed elsewhere😏) is in boxes. 
I’m currently attempting Janie Crow’s Persian tiles blanket, crocheted in octagons with granny squares between. I’ve had lots of fun not following the pattern re colours and have made up my own. Not sure how to put them together though. Any suggestions? I'm wondering about going from dark in the corners to light in the middle. 
I think I need 25 for the size I want, so a few to do yet. 

 My better half has made me bobbins from wine corks and dowels to make the colour changes manageable. I’m not saying we drink a lot of wine but....

I’m also cat nursing at present as Dino has come down with a cold and is feeling miserable. The vet has checked him and prescribed antibiotics. These at least are easily administered in his favourite fish soup. Thea is outside somewhere - we are privileged to see her between meals when the weather is good. 

Anyway hope you all have a great week!
Lots of love
Lynne xxx

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Commedia del'arte #426

 Hi, here's my painting/card making desk this week.My great friend, LLJ, had a birthday, and, knowing she likes hares, I did her a card. A little joke as well, with the bamboo, as she's trying to eradicate it from her garden.

I also painted her a reminder a brilliant day we once had at Wallington hall, kicking up leaves like crazy. This was why I was practising leaves a few weeks ago - not that I could say ;-)  oh, and a pair of the lapis infinity earrings I was working on last week.

Brian and I went to see the Rude Mechanical Theatre company on Sunday, with another friend, Chris.  - they come and do a Commedia de'Arte play every year on our village green. It's part of a tour they do. They're very funny and talented. I think they only tour the South of England, but they're well worth going to see if you have a chance.

thanks for visiting/commenting. Have a good WOYWW week, all. hugs, Lynne xxx

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

art for art's sake #425

Hi all, here we are for another peak at each other's workdesks and crafting.
I've been finishing up my latest lapis infinity earrings and making an origami box to send them in.
On Sunday, I went to an exhibition by an artist friend, Catherine Robinson.

It's on till the end of July in Faversham, if anyone's around, and well worth seeing.

Catherine's print, Migration II, is the poster image, right, and is really beautiful. She's done a lot of work in support of MOAS, who help save the lives of refugees trying to cross the Mediterranean into Europe.

I needed to send her a card, and so painted this one as a comment on "Migration" - still enjoying my Japanese watercolour brush pens.  

That's about all this week - happy WOYWW, everyone!
hugs, Lynne xxx

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Hokusai, herbs and healing #424

Hi all, 
Here's my weekly look at my workdesk - see http://stamping-ground.blogspot.co.uk/ for more.

As reported last week, I'm making more Lapis earrings and so here's my jewellery making workdesk.

I've  been out and about, buying herb plants for the long border in our back garden, which Brian's planted. This border has recently been weed cleared and had a ton of spent mushroom compost dumped on it. I was struggling to think of what to do with it, but eventually had the brainwave of making it mostly herbs. We suffer a lot with slugs so I decided to buy mature plants and hope they stand a better chance of surviving. We need to get more plants yet, to plant closely to keep down the weeds, but it's a start.

As you can see, Thea has made a good recovery, after a week of keeping her in and bathing her bites with a cleaning liquid from the vets that looks like feline iodine. I'm not sure if she was helping or just using the wheelbarrow as a good place for a snooze! 😏

I also returned to the Hokusai exhibition with LLJ and Gordon, as the BM has changed the pictures. The dragons were particularly impressive.

We had a great day out together.  On the way out we also visited the Assyrian bas-reliefs. I swear those gods are carrying handbags!

Anyway, have a good week all, hugs, Lynne xxx