Tuesday, 28 June 2022

WOYWW 682 Tizzy colours

Hi, my crafting this week has been crochet in front of the tennis. 
I’ve given into the temptation of adding more colours into my Tizzy cardigan. 
It follows Polly Plum’s pattern for the Tizzy squares, then I’ll join them together for a simple kimono style cardi. 

Gracie and Bella were fine at the vets but Gracie let us know how disgruntled she was. Bella has adopted my first Tizzy blanket and snoozes through my creative writing class behind me. 

They both enjoy the garden. 

And finally…
We were in Folkestone this week and liked this quirky sign. Folkestone likes to have arty things around - maybe this is one of them?

Take care and happy crafting!

Tuesday, 21 June 2022

WOYWW 681 A new Tizzy

Hi again-back for our Wednesday blog hop hosted by Julia at The Stamping Ground
I showed you last week a panel of 4 ply crochet I sometimes work on. 
I tried a Tizzy triangle with it and I laughed aloud. I struggled so much with the yarn for the Tizzy blanket I’ve just finished, but this one is perfect for me, and I already had it!
I’m going to make a cardigan from Tizzy squares. It even works up quite quickly in the Tizzy pattern. 
This is the pattern.
Bella and Gracie have to go to see the v.e.t. this week for their annual jabs. Hard to believe they’ve been with us for a year! Gracie in particular hates going in a cat basket and the car so I expect lots of protests. 

And finally 
This was the first piece of classical music I remember listening to. I loved it. 

Take care and happy crafting!
Lynnecrafts x

Wednesday, 15 June 2022

WOYWW 680 Tizzy and blue

Hi all, is it Wednesday already? I’m sure we’re having them more often. 😏
Here’s my Tizzy blanket. I liked its structure but maybe being less random with the dark blue would have been better. 

I’ve picked up an old panel of 4 ply. I need to go back to fine yarn after the Aran of the blanket. 
I might add in Tizzy style panels to make a cardigan. 
My friend Liz, who is an expert quilter, brought me a birthday present of a Japanese knot bag. Unlike what my husband thinks, it’s not for collecting Japanese knot weed. 🤣
It’s a neat design I think!

We’ve been out a bit more recently. Folkestone Harbour Arm has completely changed. From a sad and empty structure, it’s now a buzzing food and drink venue at the weekend with about 30 food and drink stalls, everything from Roman street food to Belgian mussels and Thai curries. 

We’ll go again we think!

Bella and Gracie have been getting rather too up close with the wildlife recently - Gracie brought a mouse in at 6am yesterday morning. Thankfully,  she was so excited about it it she woke me up, and it was at least a dead one. 
Bella has been ‘encouraging’ live ones through the cat flap and they’re harder to deal with. Cats!
They send purrs to you all. 

And finally…

Take care and happy crafting 

Tuesday, 7 June 2022

WOYWW 679 Official OAP

Hi! I’m back again to join in our Wednesday blog hop courtesy of Julia at the Stamping Ground
I officially became an old age pensioner on Sunday. I haven’t got my bus pass yet though! We went out to the very good Duck at Pett Bottom for lunch, and made Bara Brith together (my favourite ‘cake’ - it’s a fruit loaf really as there’s no fat).
Jan sent me a lovely Welsh flag knitting bag:
My other presents weren’t crafted by one of us (eg emerald earrings and an Art Deco-styled bag) so no photos here. 
My In a Tizzy blanket is progressing - you can now see how the triangles fit together. 

I slowed down because I ordered a tweedy striped yarn I thought would fit nicely. I ordered it on 23 May and paid extra for 1st class post to avoid the Bank Holidays.  Would you believe it still hasn’t arrived? The seller, Yarnland UK, keeps talking about delays at the Post Office and is ignoring my request for a refund grrr. I won’t buy from them again. 

Here’s the Duck at Pett Bottom. 

It was owned by Ian Fleming’s aunt. 

We go through a very pretty village to get there, with lots of thatched cottages, but I could never live there …
It’s called:
Can you imagine?🤣

Gracie and Bella send purrs to you all. 
And finally…

Take care and happy crafting 
Lynnecrafts x

Tuesday, 31 May 2022

WOYWW 678 Tizzy triangles

Hi all, I hope you’re all well. I’m improving - less tired and writing again. I’m working on my editor’s comments on the first draft of my novel - she’s shown me lots of ways it can become a better story. I’m still crocheting my Tizzy triangle blanket. 

It’s supposed to end up like this:

Here’s Bella helping me with it. 
Gracie has had a bit of a sniffle so she’s having extra cuddles and cat milk. 

They send purrs to all your cats. 

And finally

Take care all and happy crafting 
Lynnecrafts x

Tuesday, 24 May 2022

WOYWW 677 Triangles

Hi all, I hope you enjoyed our 13th anniversary last week. Thanks Jan for my ATC, even though I didn’t take part! 
I’m taking part in Polly Plum’s crochet along for ‘Tizzy’, a blanket make out of triangles. It’s an interesting construction, with the 2nd triangle growing out of the 1st. 

I’m improving, slowly. We went to a pop-up deli at a local Italian pub, the Black Horse at Monks Horton, on Saturday, to buy some ham, fennel salami and Gorgonzola. We ended up staying for lunch. I may be wrong but I think that as long as there’s no new variant, we have good immunity to covid at present. 
The cats are happy for us to stay at home. 

And finally…

Take care and happy crafting 

Tuesday, 17 May 2022

WOYWW 676 Happy Lace Anniversary everyone!

Hi all, here to celebrate the amazing 13th anniversary of what's on Your Workdesk Wednesday!

I'm not up to making and sending out ATCs yet, but here's a little ditty for you all, on rainbow lace, since the 13th anniversary =lace. 

 I’ve finished my little squares blanket and am now working on a Crochet along blanket by Polly Plum. It’s a blanket with an interesting triangular construction called In a Tizzy. It works best with cake yarn, as the stripes ray out from the centre,  but I’ve had some mares with online wool colours. I can’t go wool shopping yet so I’ve been at the mercy of the online shops. 
This one turned out horribly muddy

This one looked very different from the online picture 

All that yellow will get used some time but not for this. 
Hopefully I’ve now found the colours I want. 

Bella and Gracie send purrs to you all

And finally….

Enjoy the Anniversary 
Lynnecrafts xx